Laudholm Trust

laudholm trust – in support of wells reserve

The Wells Reserve’s Closest Partner

What We Do

Laudholm Trust provides vital monetary and in-kind support for Wells Reserve programs, operations, and capital improvements. Our members enable us to be a reliable partner to the Wells Reserve and an advocate for cultural preservation and coastal protection.

Laudholm Trust was born from a kitchen-table conversation in 1978 and was recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1982. For all the years since, Laudholm Trust members have steadfastly supported the work of the Wells Reserve and the care of its precious site. Please join us.

Our Mission

Laudholm Trust is dedicated to advancing the coastal research, education, and stewardship programs of the Wells Reserve and to preserving its historic buildings. The Trust strives to extend its unique legacy by galvanizing community support and inspiring actions that protect Maine's coastal environments.

Board of Trustees 2015

  • Bruce Read, Chairman
  • Kelli Gardner, Vice Chair and Clerk
  • Betsy Smith, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Arps, Secretary
  • Susan Benson
  • Joanne Conrad
  • Charlie Gaylord
  • Dr. David Johnson
  • Jessica Joyce
  • George Lambert
  • Mark Mueller
  • Kim Vieira
  • Scott Vogel
  • Dr. Erika Zollett

Honorary Trustees

  • Doris Adams-Nunnemacher
  • Dennis Byrd
  • Cynthia Daley
  • Tim Dietz
  • George Ford
  • Lily Rice Kendall Hsia
  • Walter Leffler
  • Rebecca Richardson
  • Hans Warner

Additional Resources

A gathering of supporters on the lawn at Laudholm. Keeping up historic Laudholm Farm.

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