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Winged Wednesday XX: New List

November 17, 2010 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: birdsfaunawinged wednesday

An update of the Wells Reserve bird list has been overdue for some time. Now it's done.

Download the latest Wells Reserve bird list

The last revision was done about 5 years ago. Some interesting new birds have been seen since then, a handful surfaced in a scouring of old notes, and a couple of oversights were corrected. The current total is an impressive 260 species [261; January 2011].

As mentioned a while back, some remarkable species end up in our Visitor Center sightings log. Some are easier to filter than others. Beginning birders can turn up rarities and experienced birders make mistakes. Documentation for some species is superb, but the acceptance of others takes a measure of faith. While this list might not pass scientific muster, it is by and large a reliable guide.

For years we have wanted to present the evidence, to tell the stories behind the decisions. We simply lack the time. If you're knowledgeable, curious, dissatisfied with ambiguity, and willing to volunteer to dig into a fascinating topic, do let us know.

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