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Wells Reserve staff changes

January 8, 2007 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: people

Associated People Cayce Dalton Ellen McCann Labbe

Two valued members of the Wells Reserve team have taken on new challenges elsewhere while one "temp" is joining the permanent ranks.

Cayce Dalton, the Reserve's multi-talented research and education associate, has taken a position with the Town of York. He will be working on shoreline/riparian issues and projects. While he will no longer be working at the Wells Reserve, we will certainly be collaborating with him on a number of projects in his new post.

Dr. Ray Konisky, who has worked with the Reserve in a couple of different research positions over the past four years, has taken a position as a scientist with the New Hampshire chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Congratulations, Cayce and Ray!

Meanwhile, Ellen McCann has been hired as the Wells Reserve's new Interpretive Education Associate. She is not new to the Reserve, though. She started in 2004 as the Just For Kids camp counselor and returned last summer as a Camp Coordinator. She filled in this fall as an Interpretive Education Assistant and rose to the top of a field of candidates for the Associate position thanks to her many strengths, talents, and proven abilities.

Welcome, Ellen!

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