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Researchers at the Reserve

June 15, 2006 By Katherine Cyr Filed under Article Tags: invasive speciespeopleresearch

Every year, scientists come to Wells NERR to do scientific research in the marsh and woodland habitats. One of these researchers, Genevieve Bernatchez, has spent the last three summers at the Reserve, and was recently awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the NERR System. This fellowship will allow her to continue her work at the Reserve for up to three years.

Today, Genevieve was constructing 90 research cages made from PVC piping and mesh. If you visit the Reserve this week, you may see her sitting underneath a tree by the research lab making these cages. The cages will be deployed the first week in July on the mud flat of Little River as part of an experiment studying the effects of crabs on snail density and behavior.

Genevieve is pursuing a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology at Northeastern University by studying the ecological impacts of invasive marine species. Her work will contribute to an improved understanding of the workings of estuarine habitats.

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