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Winged Wednesday XXII: Bird of Happiness

March 30, 2011 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: birdsfaunawinged wednesday

The avian community at the end of March is not dramatically different than the one that has been around for the past few months, but behaviors have changed. The birds are getting noisier.

Scant weeks ago, a caw or two might be the only bird sounds around the campus. These days the crows are still calling, but they're joined by blue jays, chickadees, finches — and maybe a robin or mockingbird. Still a far cry from the May cacophony, but it's a start.

On today's lunchtime walk (the first in a while), one burry song didn't immediately click. Thankfully, the songster continued with its leisurely "There, Vicky. Cheer up!" long enough for me to spot him on a tree top. Eastern bluebird.

Any bluebird sighting warms the heart, but watching one sing is an infrequent pleasure in my outings. Though the sun was at a poor angle, his orange smoldered and the blue glowed over his shoulders as he rolled out a few more refrains before darting off.

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