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Volunteering with the Wells Reserve at Laudholm

April 12, 2012 By Scott Richardson Filed under News Release Tags: volunteer

Mentioned Nancy Viehmann

WELLS, Maine, April 10, 2012 — “Many hands make light work” have long been words to live by at one of York County’s most beautiful and popular properties, and the Wells Reserve at Laudholm now has openings for people seeking a meaningful place to volunteer. If you have a few hours to spare each week, or a day now and then to dedicate to a local landmark, contact Nancy Viehmann, the Wells Reserve’s director of volunteer programs, at 207-646-1555 ext 118 or email

If you’re talented with handtools, have a knack for painting or landscaping, or are skilled as an electrician or plumber, you can help maintain the buildings and grounds of historic Laudholm Farm.

If you enjoy meeting and talking with people from near and far, you could be a receptionist in the Visitor Center or admission booth, a ranger along a miles-long trail system, or a helper at fundraising events.

If you have a science or education background, you might enjoy monitoring water quality, profiling beaches, searching for and removing invasive species, or leading educational tours.

Let your talents and interests be your guide and Nancy will find a role to match. Make a difference at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm.

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a 2,250-acre National Estuarine Research Reserve with its headquarters listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Wells Reserve’s goal is to protect and restore coastal ecosystems around the Gulf of Maine. Staff and volunteers expand knowledge about coasts and estuaries, engage people in environmental learning, and involve communities in conserving natural resources.

The work of the Wells Reserve and the care of its historic site are made possible by Laudholm Trust. Organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1982, member-supported Laudholm Trust provides vital monetary and in-kind support to the Wells Reserve. This local support enables the Wells Reserve to receive additional funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is located on Laudholm Farm Road, just off U.S. Route 1 near the Wells-Kennebunk line.


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