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2016 Ted Exford Climate Stewards Lecture Series

May 6, 2016 By Suzanne Kahn Filed under Article Tags: climate changeglobal warming

Climate Stewards lecture series banner 2016 (earth)


Be informed, entranced, and inspired by the speakers in our annual Climate Stewards lecture series. Here’s the line-up:

WindowDressers: Build Community, Save Money

Thursday, May 26 at 6pm

More than 90 percent of Maine's 557,000 homes need weatherization. WindowDressers responds to this challenge by bringing volunteers together to make affordable window inserts that keep homes warmer, reduce heating costs, and cut carbon emissions. Dianne Smith will describe how the inserts are made and explain how to organize a WindowDressers build in your community.

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Ocean’s End – The Crisis in the World’s Seas and the Gulf of Maine

Mayday: Gulf of Maine in Distress. Graphic from Portland Press Herald series.Thursday, June 16 at 6pm

Pulitzer Prize finalist Colin Woodard will speak about why the world's oceans — and the Gulf of Maine — are in trouble and what can be done about it. On the heels of the "Mayday" series that caught the Pulitzer board's attention, Woodard comes to Mather Auditorium.

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Seeing Climate Change – Early Birds, Mismatches & Other Repercussions of Disrupting Nature’s Clock

Wednesday, July 20 at 6pm

Believe it or not, you can "see" climate change in the timing of plants, animals, and people — flowering, migration, vacations are all affected by climate. Dr. Abe Miller-Rushing will point out changes that are happening, the consequences for nature and people, and what to do next.

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Flooding on New England’s Rivers and Coasts

Tuesday, August 16 at 6pm

Gain some perspective on the impacts of recent catastrophic weather events and get insights as to why our region is experiencing such significant events. David Vallee will make links between the changing climate and its impact on storm behavior, rainfall intensity, and changes in flood frequency.

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Insights into Recent Climate and Environmental Change in the Glaciated Svalbard Archipelago

Wednesday, September 14 at 6pm

Svalbard, an extensively glaciated archipelago in the Norwegian high arctic, is sensitive to shifts in ocean currents and related air masses. Dr. Mike Retelle will focus on Svalbard's environmental history with an emphasis on the alpine glacier history — from the ice expansion of the Little Ice Age to the retreat that began a century ago but that has accelerated in recent decades.

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