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The Wrack is our collective logbook on the web. Here you will find hundreds of articles on myriad topics, all tied to these two thousand acres of protected coastal land and the yesteryear cluster that lends them identity.

Why "The Wrack"? In its cycles of ebb and flow, the sea transports a melange of weed, shell, bone, feather, wood, rope, and trash from place to place, then deposits it at the furthest reach of spent surf. This former flotsam is full of interesting stuff for anybody who cares to kneel and take a look. Now and then, the line of wrack reveals a treasure.

Turkey talk

November 22, 2005 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: birdsfaunaturkeys

Today's Lunch 'n' Learn topic was turkey. Two dozen of us learned about jakes and jennies, as well as dewlaps, snoods, and caruncles.

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A skein of cars migrated to the Laudholm barn today. They loaded up with bird seed and went on their way. It's the annual seed sale fundraiser for environmental learning programs run by Wells Reserve and York County Audubon.

The sale of seed, feeders, and accessories continues Saturday and Sunday. Preorders have priority, but we ordered extra.

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Sixty-six second graders from South Berwick are out on the trails today, split into groups with six Wells Reserve docents. It's cool and gray, but most of them are prepared for their couple of hours in the woods, along the salt marsh, and on the beach.

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On Friday, November 4, the House and Senate conferees agreed to legislation setting the FY 06 funding levels for science-related agencies and the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce. The $57.85 billion spending bill that was approved included $3.9 billion for NOAA, splitting the difference between the Senate mark of $4.5 billion and the House mark of $3.38 billion. The final figure for NOAA is $21 million more than NOAA’s FY 05 budget and $364.8 million above the President’s budget request.

—Thanks to Angela at the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association

The spending level for the NERR System is $16.4 million.

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Getting the word out quickly

November 3, 2005 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: website

Laudholm Trust is adding features to our website that will help members stay abreast of our work on behalf of coastal environments, as well as the latest information about activities at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Please let us know what you think, either by commenting here or by communicating with us in person, by phone, or by email.

This was the first blog entry at

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