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2017 save-the-date flier with 'anemone of gyresIn mid-November, member David M. emailed me to say:

"The events of the past week emphasize how important places like the Wells Reserve at Laudholm are in our lives."

Because we’re a national estuarine research reserve, we study the life that exists between low tide and high, between fresh water and salt. Perhaps we’re used to swings between extremes, to the different worlds that are continually uncovered and recovered here. Elections and world events matter to us, sure, but our work goes on no matter what.

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Frankly, I don't understand why giving comes *after* shopping.

As if "whatever's left in the change purse" is what should go in the charity bucket once I'm through with the mall... or the Internet.

As if the other 364 days of the year, I should be... not giving?

I like to give. One Tuesday per year is not enough, I say.

One day is too little to devote to all the organizations, causes, places, and people I think are making our world better.

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Crafts Festival crowd on Saturday morningWe enjoyed a fantastic 26th crafts festival. Take a look at these stats:

  • 2nd largest attendance this century (~3,500)
  • most crafters ever (109)
  • largest gross profit ever (maybe net profit too — we're still counting)
  • oodles of member renewals, new members, and rejoining-after-many-years members
  • 219 high-fiving volunteers
  • 30 businesses donating goods
  • 104 raffle items donated, valued at $8,324

Valerie McCaffrey poses with a number of her garden guardiansWe tried something new this year — awarding three People's Choice awards based on the number of raffle tickets entered into each donated piece's box.

Congratulations to these inaugural winners:

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A Family's Vote for Charity

January 18, 2013 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: donations

Back in mid December, the Laudholm Trust staff quietly celebrated the end of a well spent year. As Karen, Tracy, and I sat with Nik in his [new] corner office, we sighed relief at having autumn's events behind us and wished one another well for the holidays.

Annual appeal mailing stacked up and ready to goBack to business, we talked about our big Thanksgiving mailing, those 1,700 thick envelopes shipped to members near and far. It was a big job made easy by many hands, like so many things are around here.

Then Nik posed a question: What would be the result of this mailing? Would the neat package — stuffed with a fresh Watermark, a daringly long President's letter, and a ready-to-write snow globe card — inspire more gifts to the annual fund? Or would it have little more impact than a simple request for year-end donations?

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Turning Down the Heat

January 3, 2013 By Nik Charov Filed under Article Tags: campusdonationssolar powerwatermark

Water tower in winterThe Wells Reserve at Laudholm is special. Not a day passes that we don’t think of this unique place as a gift to those of us who work here, to the wildlife that abounds here, to the coast of Maine and to the international community of estuaries, and of course to our members and to the public.

Because so much of our operating support comes from our members and donors, we believe it is in the best service to you and your gifts that we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Associated People Jeremy Miller

Nik sports seasonal headwareTruthfully, I'm more of a Thanksgiving person than a Christmas person. I prefer rich food to rich presents; giving thanks to getting gifts (though I never say no).

I'm thankful that the United States Postal Service is still solvent (as of this writing). Because they are, and because of our great partners at local printer Edison Press, Laudholm members should shortly receive in their mailboxes our latest gift and thank-you: the fall issue of our Watermark newsletter and one-of-a-kind greeting card.

T'is the season, so in the Watermark package we're also asking our friends and members to send a contribution to our Annual Fund before December 31st. Even if you've never given to us before, you can start by signing up as a member on Giving Tuesday (November 27) or any time this holiday season.

Watermark went to press before we could put in a mention of something else we're recently thankful for: some great new friends at the Corning plant in Kennebunk.

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Associated People Diana Joyner

FairPoint Communications Release dated November 16, 2010

FairPoint's Leslie Roberts shares a donation with Laudholm president Diana JoynerThe Laudholm Trust in Wells recently received a $750 contribution from FairPoint Communications on behalf of employee Leslie Roberts’s volunteer work for the organization. Roberts, who lives in Kennebunk, is senior manager of internal communications at FairPoint and has been on the board of trustees of the Laudholm Trust since 2008. She is chair of the Trust’s nominating committee and also serves on the public relations/marketing committee and strategic planning committees.

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Sanford Institution for Savings release dated November 8, 2010

Sanford Junior High students are getting a chance to explore estuaries, beaches, and other coastal habitats thanks to a new partnership formed by Sanford Institution for Savings (SIS), the Sanford School Department, Laudholm Trust, and the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. This fall, the Sanford Students to the Sea outdoor classroom program is bringing 240 seventh graders and their teachers to learn at the living laboratory of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm.

“What started as a pilot project to bring a busload of Sanford students to the Wells Reserve has turned into a hands-on, half-day outdoor experience for the entire grade 7 science cohort,” explained Diana Joyner, president of Laudholm Trust. “We are pleased that SIS is giving Sanford students the opportunity to visit the Wells Reserve, where they can reinforce the science concepts they are covering in school.”

Representatives from Sanford Junior High School, SIS, and Laudholm Trust, with a moose skull used in Wells Reserve education programsSIS made a charitable donation of $1,100 to make the program possible. “In this difficult financial environment, there’s no better time to support education for children in our community,” said Mark T. Mickeriz, president and CEO of SIS. “I had the opportunity to talk to three of the science teachers at Sanford Junior High after the first field trip and was impressed with their commitment to their students and the response from the children who attended the Wells Reserve program.”

SIS is headquartered in downtown Sanford with branches located in Springvale, South Sanford, Limerick, Buxton, Waterboro, Wells and York. Deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Bank can be reached at 1-888 BANK SIS (226-5747) or online at

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a National Estuarine Research Reserve with its headquarters listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is open to the public every day, with seven miles of trails and an undeveloped sand beach. The Wells Reserve operates programs in coastal research, environmental education, decision-maker training, and resource stewardship. Laudholm Trust, a member-supported nonprofit, contributes private funds and in-kind services to support Wells Reserve operations and capital improvements.

# # #

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Associated People Paul Dest

The Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation has stepped forward with a $50,000 challenge grant to help make the final payment on the 2½-acre Diane and Frederick Lord property.

Just after sunset on December 22, 2005, Wells Reserve manager Paul Dest and Laudholm Trust president Susan Rouillard signed closing papers on the Lord Parcel. This final legal step marked the end of several years of discussion with the Lords about how to best preserve a vista so central to the identity of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm.

The Trust began raising funds in earnest for this critical initiative when the purchase-and-sale agreement was signed in May. We have made excellent progress to date and under the terms of the closing agreement we have six months to complete the purchase. We’re optimistic, particularly with the news that the Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation has offered a $50,000 challenge grant for this purchase. With your help, we can finish this effort sooner rather than later.

The Foundation will match every gift restricted toward the acquisition of the property, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Your gift in any amount doubles in value if we meet this challenge.

We have until the end of May to accomplish this task and turn to you, our members and friends in the community, to help complete this landmark acquisition for the Wells Reserve.

The Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation challenge will help us in our efforts to preserve the cultural history of Laudholm by protecting the Lord parcel. Over the years, Kennebunk Savings Bank has been a steady supporter of the Trust and Reserve, contributing to the annual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival and making important contributions to our biggest projects. This is, however, the largest single commitment that the Kennebunk Savings Bank Foundation has made to Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve since the bank began supporting our organizations in 1984.

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Happy Birthday, Alice!

January 10, 2006 By Scott Richardson Filed under Article Tags: donationspeople

Long-time Laudholm supporter Alice Freeman Muchnic is 99 today. She's long been a strong supporter of Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve.

Laudholm is as close to a home as I could want.

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