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It's a 20-year tradition: In each season of every year since 1989, birders from the York County Audubon Society have scoured the forests and fields, marshes and beach of the Wells Reserve, intent on counting all the birds they can see or hear in 3 hours. Teams spread out to cover four routes, never knowing what they'll encounter.

Wild Turkey displayingAt yesterday's post-survey compilation, it was clear that the Muskie and Pilger trails were the hot spot. That's where most of the 127 warblers of 15 species were found.

Survey coordinator Joanne Stevens and data handler Nancy McReel have shared the full results from one of the birdiest quarterly surveys the Audubon team has done—75 species.…

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A skein of cars migrated to the Laudholm barn today. They loaded up with bird seed and went on their way. It's the annual seed sale fundraiser for environmental learning programs run by Wells Reserve and York County Audubon.

The sale of seed, feeders, and accessories continues Saturday and Sunday. Preorders have priority, but we ordered extra.

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