Chris Feurt

Coastal Training Program Director

Period of Service

2002 to present


207-646-1555 ext 111

Dr. Christine B. Feurt is both the CTP Director for the Reserve and the Director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at the University of New England. Her work in the Gulf of Maine watershed focuses on community based ecosystem management.

Chris facilitates the creation of collaborative knowledge networks consisting of local, state, and federal government officials, community based conservation groups, non-profit environmental groups, and university students. These networks facilitate the dissemination of scientific information, the sharing of expertise, and the identification and prioritization of management actions directed at protecting water resources.

At the University of New England, Chris is adjunct faculty in the Department of Environmental Studies where she teaches Introduction to Environmental Issues and Environmental Communication. She links university students with local communities through participation in watershed surveys, water quality monitoring and the design of watershed based education programs.

Chris's Ph.D. in Environmental Studies is from Antioch University, New England, where her research examined the multiple ways people value water and how those values influence decision-making and action.

Chris worked for eleven years with the National Park Service in five coastal area parks, including two years as a ranger and biologist at Everglades National Park where she studied wading birds and aquatic food web relationships.

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