Lee and Sylvia Pollock

Research Volunteers

Dr. Lee Pollock, professor emeritus of Drew University, has been committed to marine invertebrates and the New England coast for most of his life. After receiving an undergraduate degree from Bates College, Lee worked toward his masters and doctorate through the University of New Hampshire while at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, before teaching for 33 years in the biology department at Drew University.

Lee's research centered on "water bears," which are marine members of the phylum Tardigrada, and other aspects of benthic invertebrates in marine and freshwater sediments. Now into retirement, he is happy to be back in a research lab "without having to attend all the meetings."

Dr. Sylvia Pollock, Lee's wife, joins him each week in the Coastal Ecology Center. A retired clinical psychologist, Sylvia recognizes the importance of scientific research and the significance of careful data entry. In addition to helping with the plankton project, she has entered historical water quality data from the early years of the System-Wide Monitoring Program.

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