Susan Bickford

GIS and Natural Resource Specialist

Period of Service

1999 to present


207-646-1555 ext 120

Susan Bickford has been the reserve's GIS/Natural Resource Specialist since May 1999. Her duties include providing mapping support for southern Maine conservation and research organizations, providing digital data for area GIS users, training members and volunteers in the use of the mapping software and GPS/mobile units, mentoring GIS interns, and providing field support for research and stewardship activities.

Her role as natural resource specialist includes managing habitat for threatened and endangered species such as the New England cottontail rabbit. She manages forest, field, and wetland habitats and works to control invasive species within them.

She is active in bringing the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to the reserve system as a tool for natural resource management and research. Sue is also the Safety Officer for the reserve.

Susan holds a Master of Science for Resource Management and Conservation from Antioch New England University. She has a BA from the University of Southern Maine and an AA from Bucks County Community College.

Susan has taught at the University of New Hampshire and the University of New England. She also volunteers in teaching geospatial technology to home-schooled children.

Susan served for twenty-one years in the Air National Guard as a combat weather forecaster. She also volunteered for many conservation programs such as the Maine Damselfly and Dragonfly Survey, the Very Important Pool (VIP) vernal pool program, and the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program.

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