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2013 Summer Bird Banding Report

Posted by | October 28, 2013

Official bird bands in June Ficker's gear boxMaster bird bander June Ficker and her crew wrapped up the summer season at the end of August. June recently shared her summer wrap-up and we're happy to pass along these facts and highlights for 2013…

  • Birds banded between May 30 and August 27 = 169
  • Previously banded birds recaptured (return/repeat) =  44 (including an Eastern Towhee banded September 12, 2006 and a Black-and-white Warbler banded 6 years ago)
  • Birds from which deer ticks were removed = 17 (species frequently found with ticks include American Robin, Brown Thrasher, Eastern Towhee, Song Sparrow, and Common Yellowthroat)
  • A male Eastern Bluebird banded as a chick at the Webhannet Golf Club on July 21, 2011, took up residency at the Wells Reserve this summer and was seen as late as October.
  • Visitors to banding station = 490

June's "grand totals" for bird-banding demonstrations at the reserve from 1989 through 2013:

  • Birds banded = 4,164
  • Return/repeats = 1,572
  • Visitors = 13,444

June added, "August 14 was our worst day ever. We opened the mist nets at 05:30 with foggy/overcast, which usually produces more birds because the nets are not as visible. At our 12:30 closing time we had had a grand total of 2 birds."

She also said, "It is my privilege to have had four assistants with me for almost two decades: Becky Bradley, Joan Junker, Mae Findley, and Gard Thompson."

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