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500+ New Englanders Engaged in the Climate Games

Posted by | January 13, 2014


Before the holidays came we hosted our eighth and final climate game workshop at Litchfield’s Bar and Grill. The workshops, part of the New England Climate Adaptation Project, simulated the process that a town a lot like Wells would go through to plan for climate adaptation. The games were played with over 100 people that work, play or live in Wells. Meanwhile, the cities of Dover, NH, Cranston, RI and Barnstable, MA wrapped up their workshops. Each community played a different game tailored to climate change related risks their city may face. All totaled, over 500 participants were engaged in the the climate game simulations from June-December 2013.

So, what's next?

  • Summary Risk Assessments for all four communities
  • Published games with teaching notes explaining how to play and run the games
  • Community workshops to review the findings of the risk assessment
  • More publications, reports and articles

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