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A Message from The Forks

Posted by
David Morse
| September 12, 2017 | Filed under: Culture

Hi to all of you who served on the parking crew from one of us who did a stint at the junction of Skinner Mill and Laudholm Farm Roads, aka "The Forks." I was one of the vest-wearing, radio-toting, arm-waving folks who put in some hours feeding all those cars to you on the inside.

While I was weeding out the volunteers and vendors and sending them up the road to the field at the top and sending the rest on to you, I was listening to my radio. I heard messages like "room for 3 in row A, like apple" or "We’ve got spaces for 6 in the far lot" or, somewhat plaintively, "Are there any spaces left? I have cars waiting."

It was fascinating to hear the voices of all of you so efficiently communicating and scurrying around to make it all work. But that wasn’t all you were doing. Little did I know until I saw the aerial images that you were also creating a living, moving sculpture, a work of art with curves, circles, and diagonals comprised of hundreds of small rectangles with tiny people emerging and heading for the tents full of a dazzling display of other human talents.

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