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Big Night

Posted by | April 16, 2021 | Filed under: Program Activities

Have you been out on the Saw-whet Owl Trail this month? If so, you likely noticed that our story walk team switched out the winter season’s Over and Under the Snow book for our spring pick: Big Night for Salamanders, written by Sarah Marwil Lamstein and illustrated by Carol Benioff. It’s the endearing story of a boy who helps salamanders cross a road to safety during Big Night, the first warm and rainy night of each spring season when frogs and salamanders migrate to vernal pools in the forest to mate and lay their eggs. 

The illustrations throughout the book are vibrant and engaging for all ages, and the story teaches us that with care and empathy towards creatures great and small, even seemingly tiny actions can have life-changing impacts. Take a stroll on the Saw-whet Owl Trail this spring while engaging with the Big Night for Salamanders story walk, and be reminded of the tremendous value in committing acts of kindness.

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