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The Wrack

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Blooming in the Border: Early June

Posted by
Ginger Laurits
| June 9, 2020 | Filed under: Observations

When life for most of us has taken an unexpected turn, we can take comfort in the predictable cycles of nature. Seeds will still germinate, plants will still grow, flowers will still blossom, and new seeds will set to ensure that a species survives. 

So many people at this time are going outdoors—to nature—for solace. One of my go-to places is the Native Plant Border at the entrance to the reserve.

There is much blooming in the border! While beach plum has just passed, amsonia (bluestar) is ready to bloom and maple leaf viburnum will be along shortly. Geranium, with its graceful arching stems and cool blue flowers, looks lovely next to the large leaves of wild ginger. Lupine is in full bloom right now and the ground is dotted with lupine seedlings. 

Although we master gardeners had to remove a dying pagoda dogwood from the border this year, one of its seeds germinated nearby and grew into a small tree that is now preparing to bloom. It’s worthy of celebration. So come on down to the Native Plant Border and say hello to what's blooming. You don’t even have to wear a mask to talk to a plant!

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