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Boardwalk Completed over Muskie Bog

Posted by
Charles Lord
| November 9, 2010 | Filed under: Culture

Volunteers build a boardwalk of the Muskie Trail bogYou all are invited to mosey down to the Muskie Trail and experience the new boardwalk. The welcome result is to protect the fragile bog, halting the trampling by trail users while keeping feet quite a bit drier. This has been a long-desired improvement.

Much heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all those involved with its design, placement, and construction:

  • NCCC*AmeriCorps (Amanda in particular who spent a lot of time with me building the "foundation" and decking)
  • Frank Heller
  • Mark Klys
  • Paul Dest (for supporting the desire and making the resources available)
  • Sue Bickford (famous quote: "…when you place the end of the boardwalk, you don't want to dump people into a puddle")
  • and new volunteer Adrian

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