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Environmental Educator Certified as Maine Master Naturalist

Posted by | April 16, 2019 | Filed under: News

Just last week, Linda Littlefield Grenfell was certified as an esteemed Maine Master Naturalist. Congratulations, Linda! What a grand accomplishment, and it will be a wonderful complement to your Registered Maine Kayak Guide and Certified Interpretive Guide certifications.

Over the past year, Linda has been devoting lots and lots of time toward achieving her Maine Master Naturalist milestone. And over the next year, she will be completing 40 hours of volunteer teaching based on her newfound knowledge. That's in addition to all of the teaching she already does as an integral member of the Reserve's education staff!

Here's a look at how the Maine Master Naturalist program describes the time and effort trainees need to dedicate to learning about Maine’s ecological systems, plants, animals, insects, geology, conservation biology, and related topics:

How much time does the program involve?

A lot. Plan on devoting at least 300 hours and probably much more to the following components:
  • 100 hours: Classes and field trips
  • 200+ hours: Completing assignments at home and at delimited study site; keeping track of phenology; writing and drawing in a nature journal, practicing using keys, bird watching, attending relevant seminars or outings, shadowing leaders on nature walks, and spending time outdoors observing as much as you can
  • 20 hours: Capstone project

If you would like to learn more about the Maine Master Naturalist Program, check out their website at Plans are in the works to host the 2021 training here at the Wells Reserve, so stay tuned for more on this as details unfold!

Would you like to have Linda share her rich natural history knowledge with you this spring and summer? She is scheduled to lead a bunch of walks and kayaking programs. Hopefully you can join her for one or two… or more!

Walks & Kayaking with Linda

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