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February SWMP storm data

Posted by | February 26, 2010

Whew! Nothing like some February rain showers huh? It's been a "weird" winter for lack of a more "technical" term.....

Here are some numbers from the most recent "Blast" that occured Thursday Feb 25 through early morning of February 26th 2010. (All data was collected on the SWMP Meteorological Station behind the Maine Coastal Ecology Center.)

  • Max wind gust was 56mph
  • Avg Wind Speed was 22 mph
  • 4.9 inches of rain fell in just over 24 hrs
  • The temperature was between 36 and 41°F

Some serious numbers for a period of just over 24 hours. To put it in context, We had just over 6 inches of rain in 24 hours back in the Patriot's Day storm of 2007 which took out Skinner Mill Bridge. Makes you wonder what the future holds for our low lying coastal areas.....

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