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Finding the Ways Forward

Posted by | November 27, 2018 | Filed under: Opinion

Friends, neighbors, countrymen.

You and I know the Wells Reserve at Laudholm as a center for research, education, and conservation. These core programs at the reserve are the ways forward we take to continue to explore the world together. 

But I’ve come to realize that these disciplines can also be paths to the greater, nobler ideas of truth, wonder, and beauty: 

  • Research is a way forward, venturing into the natural world’s hidden truths. This year supporters like you have helped our researchers explore where lobsters walk and herring run. Now we want to know: How fast is Maine’s coast changing? How different can our ocean get? 
  • Education is a way forward, inspiring wonder in students young and old about past, present, and future. In 2018, volunteers and donors like you helped thousands of visitors discover the Wells Reserve. Next we’ll ask: Who else can we reach with these important lessons? Which environmental solutions are closer at hand than others? 
  • Conservation is a way forward, preserving for those yet to come the beautiful lands that we’ve all loved for decades. You have helped the Wells Reserve protect, with partners and friends, more than 4,000 nearby acres in the past 20 years. How many more can still be saved?

In a time when finding truth, wonder, and beauty in the world feels so important, there’s a quiet place on the coast of southern Maine devoted to their pursuit. It's your reserve.

I hope you’ll make a year-end contribution to Laudholm Trust before December 31. Your gift will support the Wells Reserve’s continuing journey, and your journey here too, along the paths of research, education, and conservation. These are ways forward to truth, wonder, and beauty, and with your help, they’ll always proceed from the Wells Reserve.

Thank you so much, and happy holidays to you and yours.


Nik Charov

President, Laudholm Trust


P.S. Please make a donation today. You can also help us find new ways forward by filling out this 3-minute online survey. We truly want to hear from you. 

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