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Fore! 8th Annual Reserve Cup

Posted by | October 23, 2012

Teeing offIn mid October, after the hectic field season ends and with September's major events a fading memory, many of us start to anticipate the allstaff email from Tin and Jeremy announcing a date for the annual Reserve Cup. A week and a half ago they picked today for our early escape from the office. It's hard to imagine they could have chosen a more gorgeous autumn afternoon for the pilgrimage.

Thirteen of us, mostly staff but with a few special guests, made the 2-mile jaunt to Merriland Farm to play the par 3 course. For most, the Reserve Cup is our sole golf outing of the year ("No experience necessary. No experience preferred," said the invitation). Novice or veteran, we're all in it for the fun.

Names were pulled from a hat to form our three foursomes (plus one short-timer) and a little after 3 o'clock we were on our way.

  • Sue, Paul, Scott, June
  • Eileen, Jeremy, Doris, Tin
  • Suzanne, Zack, Jake, Nancy, Paige

Tee-offs angled this way and that. Approaches generally went toward the greens, but well placed ponds and the bordering forest graciously kept a few errant shots. Putts passed holes more often than not, though occasionally a long, curving roll fell into the cup.

Murmurs of encouragement and bursts of praise came from the gallery. Involuntary snippets like "come on," "go in," "yes!" and "oh no!" came from those wielding clubs. Now and again somebody approached our 10-stroke limit. Just as often someone flirted with a birdie.

We played nine holes in a couple of hours, finishing just as the warm sun and its long shadows began to slide toward a cool evening. We gathered for the traditional awards banquet in the parking lot — cider, juice, apple cake, and chocolate chip cookies made a welcome spread that quickly diminished as we awaited the final tally and prizes. Listing all the scores might bruise egos or tarnish reputations, but everyone offered their hearty congratulations to the top three finishers in the 2012 Reserve Cup!

  1. June Ficker… 34
  2. Jake Aman & Paul Dest… 36

On the seventh fairwayJeremy putts, Doris holds the flagJune stops to watch Tin's shot into the pondBanquet fareThe tally and awards banquetMost of the friendly competitors pose before the game

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