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Gazebo gets stronger

Posted by | January 5, 2011 | Filed under: Culture

Gazebo in the early 1900sThe gazebo beside the farmhouse, as iconic as any building on the Laudholm campus, dates back more than a century. It has long been a place to rest, meet, or strike a pose. A photo from the first decade of the 1900s demonstrates the old well house was meant to get attention!

Postcard from early days of Laudholm Trust. Copyright Dennis Griggs.When the nascent Laudholm Trust was spreading the word about its effort to protect the farm, the gazebo anchored a photograph that was selected for a postcard sent to thousands of mailboxes.

Over the years, though, the gazebo's aging wood became soft, the ends of the floorboards chipped and frayed, and the lattice work was damaged. The very structure was weakened to the point where something had to be done.

Over the past couple of weeks, Robert Christensen-Lang and his renovation crew methodically replaced the support posts, floor, lattice, and seating, giving the old well house a new lease on life. Better yet, the price was right: Lang donated the labor and materials.

Here's the gazebo as it was being disassembled…

At work on gazebo restorations

…and later, as renovations neared completion.

Gazebo renovation nearly done

Below, the guys from Lang Construction & Renovation pause for the camera. Their care in replicating the old structure is reflected in a detail of the bench.

Robert Lang and crew

Gazebo bench detail

The carpentry was completed on Tuesday the 4th. The finishing touch, when the weather warms, will be a new coat of paint.

Gazebo renovation complete and awaiting paint

(Thanks to Mark Klys for the disassembly photo.)

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