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Halloween Storm Hits Coastal York County with Rain and High Winds

Posted by | November 3, 2021 | Filed under: Observations

Time for a periodical check-in with you local weather hindcaster (forecasting is WAY too risky for me). We got hit with a pretty decent Nor'Easter this past week. Not as bad as NJ/NY/MA but let's just be thankful that it wasn't snow!

We ended up with 4.5" of rain in about 24 hours, with 3.5" of that falling overnight. The strongest wind gust on the Laudholm campus was 34 mph, while the weather station down at Wells Harbor logged a 38 mph gust.

Chart showing a steep precipitation curve during the evening of October 31, 2021.

Cumulative precipitation measured over 2 days at the weather station on the Laudholm campus. The measurement resets to zero at midnight and daily accumulation begins again..

Chart showing peak wind gusts at the Wells Reserve weather station over 4 days in October/November 2021.

Top wind gusts recorded at the Wells Reserve weather station between October 30 and November 2, 2021.

Regional Rainfall

It was a significant precipitation event across York County, so some of the staff chimed in with their reports from home after I posted the SWMP data. Jason in South Berwick wrote "Fun Times and helps to explain the water in my basement which I hardly ever get. I measured 4.5 inches of rain in that 24 hour period." Chris in Kennebunk reported "We got 6.5 inches in our rain gauge. Fernald brook in our back yard was way out of its banks, more that we had seen in 25 years. Our well is full!" Scott in Berwick tweeted "New 24-hour rainfall record for the @CoCoRaHS station? 4.37" reported to @NWSGray."

The National Weather Service office in Gray put together a rainfall map for its region of coverage, which displays a local bullseye on coastal York County.

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