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Happy Birthday, Alice!

Posted by | January 10, 2006

Long-time Laudholm supporter Alice Freeman Muchnic is 99 today. She's long been a strong supporter of Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve.

Laudholm is as close to a home as I could want.

She's been visiting this place for many years... well before the effort to protect it began in the late 1970s. She would stroll the trails with her friend, enjoying and studying the natural environments of the woods, fields, and marshes. And she's a big fan of old houses, too.

Alice is so commited to this place she established an endowment fund to help preserve it.

I wanted to do something to make certain that everything here looks as special as it does today, not only in the near future but also long after I am gone. It is my hope that others will contribute to this fund and, in time, it will generate significant income to maintain these lovely buildings.

We and Alice welcome contributions to the fund. To arrange a donation, call us at 207-646-4521.

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