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I Thee Wed, Laudholm Style

Posted by | February 14, 2013 | Filed under: Culture

Valentine's Day 2013. How many lovers committed to one another today, first with a "Will you" and then with a "Yes," launching themselves giddily into an engagement that promises to be filled with joy, anticipation, growth, and bewilderment?

Beach stones in the shape of a heart on Laudholm BeachAs nerve-racking as a proposal might be, the work that follows acceptance is often testament to true love — who but the most smitten can negotiate the often stressful series of decisions that need to be made in the lead-up to wedding day?

For 48 couples over the past 5 years*, one choice has been pretty easy. Once they set foot on this seaside rise, with sweeping views and evocative old farm buildings, they decide to invite their wedding guests here, to the historic Laudholm campus of the sprawling Wells Reserve.

Alli and Joel on their wedding day © emilie inc

Photo of Joel and Alli by emilie inc

Many of these couples not only have loved the place on first sight, they have also appreciated what it's all about. They've understood the Wells Reserve at Laudholm protects more than the barn where they hosted their reception, but also the fields and forests and salt marsh and beach that formed such stunning backdrops for their one-chance photography. Some know, too, that this is a science and education center with regional influence and national importance. They are pleased that their rental fee is part of a key revenue stream for Laudholm Trust and thereby has a positive impact on the place that attracted their attention and impressed their families and friends.

Everyone had so much fun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery! What a gem!
The wedding went very well... I just fell in love with Laudholm Farm.

So we congratulate the couples who became engaged today and invite them to visit. We have a special Weddings page with lots of information and an up-to-date list of available dates.

We're also participating We also participated in the 2013 Real Maine Wedding of the Year Contest by hosting a reception for one lucky couple's "fabulous dream wedding" this fall. (Winners were announced [video] March 24.)

A web search for laudholm wedding will give you a peek at lots of beautiful photography, videos, and ideas for decorating and dining. Here are a few recent ones that caught our eyes…

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*Update 2018: 145 couples over the past 11 years!

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