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Independent Claus

Posted by | December 17, 2015


We received a lovely thank-you letter in mid-November from a summer visitor. What a guy.

By the end of the summer, I needed a vacation. Quality control, elf labor relations, reindeer feed bills... I just had to get away from the Pole and recharge the old batteries before “slam season” really started.

“How about Maine this year?” said Mrs. Claus. She’d found the Wells Reserve at Laudholm on TripAdvisor, and the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival in September caught her eye in particular. “Ooh, Nick, we could finally get ourselves some gifts.”

Hitch up the sleigh, I said. As long I get some fresh sea air, a long walk unspoilt, some greenery and a beach, I’ll be fine.

Well, I certainly found that at the Wells Reserve. The place’s eager young president, another Nicholas, took me on a tour of its programs too. I thought *I* was busy, but you should see what this place and its staff do.

Take it from me, a guy who gives gifts for a living – this Reserve and its work are special. They’re giving new homes to fish, new life to an old farm, new ideas to local leaders, new lessons to our most important natural resource: children.

What a gift, to have it here in Southern Maine. I hope folks know that.

Merry Christmas to all, and happy new year.

S. Claus


He attached some photos from their trip, with handwritten captions:

Mrs. Claus, always behind the cameraMrs. Claus is always behind the camera, the shy thing. Too bad; she's still as beautiful as the day I met her.


Handy signsNice little place you got there.


MuskieI especially like the trees. Not a lot of those at the Pole.


MerchWhite pine, my favorite.


flopsThe Mrs. thinks these are hilarious. I think they're comfy.


breatheYep, nice place. Lots of room to breathe.


whoopsIt was our little secret. (Good kid. I put him on the Nice List immediately.)


barnHow many reindeer you suppose that barn'll hold? Can I give you some? Please?


scienceWait, there's a lab there too?


larvalI never knew how much baby elves resemble larval fish... wait, did I say that?


sondeWith all our open water up north nowadays, maybe I should get some of these monitoring devices...


solar100% solar-powered too? Impressive.


lairdGreat trail, that one. My favorite.


estuaryA salt marsh is a wonderful gift for any coastal town, if I do say so myself.


merry christmasHello from Maine!


new yearAnd happy new year.



what?They let kids drink this stuff?!?!

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