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Information for prospective Punkinfiddle performers

Posted by | February 2, 2005 | Filed under: Culture

History, pumpkins, and fiddles were the conceptual underpinnings for the first Punkinfiddle festival in 2003. Fiddle music remains a key part of the festival. With the 2006 merging of Punkinfiddle and our National Estuaries Day celebration, environmental education became another key component of the event.

Main stage acts must feature a fiddler, environmental education value, or both.

By using the fiddle as a focal instrument, Punkinfiddle is able to feature music from a variety of genres. Fiddle styles that are candidates for the Punkinfiddle stage include, but are not limited to, Bluegrass, Cajun, Cape Breton, Contemporary Folk, Irish, Jazz, Old-time, Scottish, Show, Swedish, Swing, and Texas. Fusions and experimental approaches are also considered. Punkinfiddle music is acoustic.

In keeping with the breadth of welcomed fiddling styles, Punkinfiddle acts may harken from anywhere. Local and New England performers are emphasized, but artists from away also enrich the main stage.

Pro bono or discounted performances are welcomed. Laudholm Trust does not require a portion of CD sale proceeds, but a contribution based on sales would be gratefully accepted.

Punkinfiddle is a family event. Performances must be appropriate for all audiences. Performers who engage with their audience are especially desired.

Punkinfiddle takes place in a spectacular setting. Performers are encouraged to take advantage of the site by enjoying the trails through woods, fields, and marshes and along the beach. Site rules, however, include “no pets” and “no smoking.”

Profits from Punkinfiddle support education, conservation, and research. Performers attuned to the missions of Laudholm Trust and the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve bring special meaning to Punkinfiddle.

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