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Installing Salt Marsh Loop Interpretive Signs

Posted by | April 14, 2008 | Filed under: News

Installing interpretive sign at Webhannet overlookEight new interpretive signs are being installed today. Seven are along trail segments known as the Salt Marsh Loop, with the eighth erected beside the native plant demonstration garden.

The Salt Marsh Loop signs answer these questions:

  • What is a watershed?
  • What is a salt marsh?
  • Why are estuaries important?
  • How do wildlife use the estuary?
  • Who eats whom in the salt marsh?
  • What kind of wetland is this?
  • What are invasive species?

Wells Reserve education associate Ellen McCann oversaw the sign project and prepared most of the text. James Dochtermann did the paintings. Funding was provided by NOAA, the Horizon Foundation, and the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust.

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