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International Migratory Bird Day 2012

Posted by | May 22, 2012

Bird walkOur International Migratory Bird Day celebration on May 12 offered myriad activities for visitors of all ages. The event kicked off with a bird walk. Many warbler species were observed, including the rare Worm-eating Warbler. June Ficker and her faithful team of volunteers demonstrated their bird-banding process all morning, allowing visitors to carefully release the captured birds once the data collection was complete. Special guests Allison and Jeffrey Wells, authors of the new book Maine's Favorite Birds, gave a presentation about migratory birds followed by a book signing.

Visitors also had the opportunity to make pinecone birdfeeders for their avian friends, plant bird-friendly seeds in plantable pots, make bird puppets, sample activities from the reserve's Feathered Friends education kit, and have a bird painted on their hand!

Charlotte from the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge was giving away free International Migratory Bird Day posters and activity journals and the Center for Wildlife wrapped up the event with their animal ambassadors. What a beautiful day to spend in celebration of the amazing migratory feat of birds!

Book signingPineconesPaintingCenter for Wildlife presentation


EDIT — What a pleasure to see our event covered in the Journal Tribune on May 14 — plus they gave us a thumbs up a week later!

Thumbs up to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm... from the Journal Tribune

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