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Laudholm's fifth president

Posted by | October 27, 2008 | Filed under: News

The "interim" label has been removed; Diana Joyner is the new president of Laudholm Trust.

Tim Dietz, chairman of Laudholm's board of directors said:

Diana's energy, enthusiasm, and proven organizational skills will play a significant role in taking the Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve to the next level of growth. We are delighted Diana has accepted this position.

Diana Joyner portraitDiana is familiar to many as the chair of the committee for Punkinfiddle, A National Estuaries Day Celebration, one of our signature events. She has also served on the board of directors, where she led the strategic planning effort.

As president, Diana will be responsible for completing and implementing the strategic plan, building community, budgeting, and fund raising. She will also provide leadership and direction to the Wells Reserve as chair of its governing body, the Reserve Management Authority.

Joyner is the fifth president in Laudholm Trust's 26-year history. The Trust was formed in 1982 to protect and preserve Laudholm Farm, but soon became a driving force for the creation of Maine's only estuarine reserve. With the support of its members, Laudholm Trust has contributed millions of dollars to the Wells Reserve, its close partner in research, education, stewardship, and preservation.

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