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Learning the Little River

Posted by | August 8, 2012

reflectionI have been the Natural Resource Specialist here at the reserve for over a decade. I know the land well… or at least I thought I did.

This year, several of the staff here were certified to lead kayak trips up the Little River estuary, which forms the northern boundary of the reserve. I was one of the lucky one. This was a whole new place for me. I had seen it from the river banks countless times. But being ON the water of the river is a whole new experience. Being on the water with a small group of people is even better.


Their stories add to this story. Where they have traveled from, how they heard about this trip. What they would like to learn about this estuary.

tom marian

For three hours, we become a little floating community. After the first few minutes, we are no longer strangers but fellow mariners. Skill level is irrelevent.


Being the guide means we get to tell the story of the river — its residents, its history, its season. What ever happens to float by, fly by, pass by.


And at the end of the trip, we make sure there is time to reflect on what we've learned from the river and from each other.


We each pick a spot and write or draw and then we get to choose whether or not to share it with the group.


Here was my reflection for today:

Water drips

Laughter echos

Kayaks on the River

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