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Missing You

Posted by | September 11, 2020 | Filed under: Culture

My Crafts Festival weekend would normally begin with a foggy drive in at 6:00am. I’d park in the upper lot and stride onto the Laudholm campus through the dewy grass, carrying my camera bag, my laptop bag, and my blue three-piece suit on a hanger. I’d shout out to volunteers and groggy exhibitors along the way, exchanging hugs and high-fives with our “same time, next year” crowd.

Normally, I’d grab a cup of coffee and a Congdon’s donut (more like three) from Sandy and Rhoda in the hospitality room, then start printing announcements, checking last-minute voicemails, and strolling through the tents to keep on top of the morning.

Normally, I’d play Beethoven’s “Pastoral” symphony over the PA during the final hour of setup, and around 9:30am, the parking lot captains would open the gates to the waiting cars and away we’d go. From the first tent stake pounded in, to the last glimpse of an artist’s receding taillights, I love being a part of the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival.

These are not normal times. The Crafts Festival, my favorite weekend at the Wells Reserve, a favorite for nearly 5,000 annual attendees as well, is not to be in this Year of the Pandemic. Instead of spending this week coordinating food deliveries, inviting friends and members, and screwing together road signs, I’ve been laundering facemasks for my kids and sitting on more damn Zoom calls than I care to admit.

I already miss the 33rd annual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. Its beautiful artworks, knowing crafters, new vendors, smiling volunteers, and eager attendees come together to cap off the summer for us. The Crafts Festival, even with the occasional rough weather, lobster roll surfeits, and curious soundtrack, is always a perfect weekend.

It’s also our most important annual fundraiser. Without it this year, we’re feeling the pinch. We could use some support, and so could the artists who make the show such a "sweetheart" affair. So much has been taken from us by the coronavirus; you can help give back a little of what's been lost. If you can, thank you.

I know I speak for many when I say 2021 can’t come soon enough. On behalf of all of us who put the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival together, we’re so sad you’re not here this weekend. But stay safe. Stay well. Wear a mask. Let's make a plan for same time, next year.


Nik Charov
President, Laudholm Trust

Ps. We’ve created a “virtual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival,” with all of the beauty, serendipity, and wonder of the real thing. Make yourself a bowl of clam chowder, or a Bloody Mary, and scroll through (since you can't stroll through) the displays. Support the arts and their artists now, so they can be back here next September.

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