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Nice Note from Oregon

Posted by | August 26, 2011

I have received a number of congratulatory e-mails from colleagues and friends in light of our 25th anniversary. I thought I would forward one from our colleague in Oregon.

Congratulations to you and the entire crew at Wells… The strength of our program lies in the successes of the individual sites and the great support that we get from our local sponsors and our federal partners.

I routinely cite the work of other reserves when characterizing the NERR program. Wells is a frequent example. Last Saturday South Slough hosted a booth at a dedication ceremony for a new NOAA facility in Newport Oregon. We had contact with thousands of people including some top brass from state and federal programs. I had occasion to make frequent reference to the great work going on in the Wells Reserve. My pride in participating in this program is rooted in the great work that you and our NERR colleagues accomplish every day.

I have fond and vivid memories of each visit I've made to your reserve. From the great people, to the trail system, to the amazing housing and facilities, and the incredible wetlands. You have just reason to be proud!

Please send my congratulations and best wishes to the entire circle of people that make the Wells Reserve such an outstanding place. Thanks so much for your work!

Onward! Bravo!

Mike Graybill, Manager

South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

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