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On the Punkinfiddle Main Stage

Posted by | September 28, 2009 | Filed under: Culture

History of Punkinfiddle Music

We have had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful series of performances at Punkinfiddle and once again thank all the artists who have stepped onto our stage. We list them below in order of appearance. If you think you would be a good fit, please review this information and, if you still think so, get in touch.

Halali at the first Punkinfiddle, 2003


  • Halali — Lissa Schneckenburger, Laura Cortese, Hanneke Cassel (afternoon show), Cara Frankowicz (evening show), Ted Davis
  • Brendan Carey Block and Rich Block
  • Joyce Andersen and Harvey Reid


  • Jerks of Grass — Jason Phelps, Ronnie Gallant, Tom Jacques, Carter Logan, Melissa Bragdon
  • David Surette, Susie Burke, and Rodney Miller
  • Danù — Donnchadh Gough, Tom Doorley, Éamonn Doorley, Benny McCarthy, Dónal Clancy, Oisín McAuley, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh


  • High Range — Rob Kneeland, Steve Roy, Nate Edgar, Ellen Carlson
  • Nightingale — Keith Murphy, Jeremiah McLane, Becky Tracy
  • Cluck Old Hen — Bob Webb, Craig Edwards, Helen Richmond Webb


  • Mom's Home Cookin' — Dale Robin Lockman, Monica Grabin
  • Magpie — Greg Artzner, Terry Leonino
  • Highland Soles — Ed Pearlman, Laura Scott, Neil Pearlman, Lilly Pearlman, Jesse Pearlman


  • Boréal Tordu — Steve Muise, Robert Sylvain, Pip Walter, Andy Buckland
  • Ladies of the Lake — Ellen Gawler, Sharon Pyne, Surya Mitchell, Maggie Ericson
  • Boston Kiltics — Cliff McGann, Doug Lamey, Pamela Campbell, Christine Morrison


  • Kittlish — Hope Hoffman, Hugh McGinness, Larry Burkett
  • Jackson Gillman
  • Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection — Matt Shipman, Ken Taylor, (unidentified mandolinist), Read McNamara


  • Joyce Andersen
  • Lilly Pearlman with Laura Scott
  • Hope Hoffman and Jim Tolles
  • York River Ramblers — Keith Fletcher and company


  • Paul Wells and Sally Sommers Smith
  • David Surette and Isa Burke
  • Erica Brown and Matt Shipman
  • Robert Sylvain and Pip Walter


  • Laura Cortese's Acoustic Trio — Ariel Friedman, Mariel Vandersteel, Laura Cortese
  • Gordon Bok
  • Ellie and Andy Buckland


  • Sammie Haynes
  • John Tercyak
  • Deep Hole Road — Sue Cassista, Phil Cassista, Nick Pangaro, Sharon Pangaro
  • Salt River — Mike Rogers, Bev Rogers, Lee Hosack, Cathy King


  • Matt Loosigian
  • Ellen Carlson and Todd Thurlow
  • Ryan McKasson, Neil Pearlman, and Emerald Rae


  • BYOC — Jenny Van West, Janet Fischer, Kevin Johannen, Paul Mattor, Greg Bjork
  • The Gather Rounders — Lincoln Meyers, Ron Cody, Zach Ovington, Wendy Cody
  • Shana Aisenberg and Friends — with Ryan Thomson, Brennish Thomson, Gale Johnsen
  • Mari Black and Neil Pearlman


  • Joyce Andersen and Harvey Reid
  • The Gather Rounders — Lincoln Meyers, Ron Cody, Zach Ovington, Wendy Cody
  • Susie Burke and Melissa Bragdon
  • Highland Soles — Ed Pearlman, Laura Scott, Lilly Pearlman


  • Corey Husic
  • Seagrass — Steve Gifford, Susan Elias, Frank Delong, Bill Arnold, Tom Buckland
  • Laurel Martin and Jim Prendergast


  • Jackson Gillman
  • The Violin Movers
  • Zach Ovington and Mike Arciero
  • The Short Brothers


  • Elizabeth and Ben Anderson
  • Jason Anick Trio


  • OldHat String Band
  • The Reel McCoys

Children dance and play in front of the music porch at the 12th Punkinfiddle


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