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Protecting the Source

Posted by | June 11, 2015

Last week the Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative hosted 65 attendees at its 5 year anniversary workshop Protecting the Source at Springhill. The collaborative, facilitated by our Coastal Training Program, coordinates long-term source water protection efforts among planning commissions, land trusts, watershed associations, water systems, and town, state, and federal agencies in New Hampshire and Maine.The collaborative’s goal is to protect and sustain high quality drinking water in the Salmon Falls River watershed.The workshop was designed to highlight achievements made in the past five years for protecting water quality in the watershed and to generate and prioritize ideas for future work by the Collaborative. Pictures and workshop materials below, read about the workshop on

Participants discuss

Participants brainstorm about improving water protection in the Salmon Falls Watershed.

Sally speaks

Sally Soule from New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services reports back to the group about ideas her group generated.

group photo

Attendees pose with the Collaborative's 2012 awarded US Water Prize bowl.

Workshop Materials

  1. Workshop introduction and overview (Maine Drinking Water Program, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Environmental Protection Agency)
  2. Regulations town by town to help protect clean drinking water in the Salmon Falls watershed (Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership)
  3. Watershed protection activities in Maine (Maine Drinking Water Program)
  4. Watershed protection activities in Maine (Maine Rural Water Program)
  5. Local protection efforts in the northern portion of the watershed (Acton Wakefield Watershed Alliance)
  6. Helping landowners protect water quality – perspectives on land conservation and conservation practices (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
  7. Protecting riparian buffers through floodplain regulations (City of Somersworth, NH)
  8. Source water protection activities and accomplishments in South Berwick

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