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Winter storms affected many of our trails. Please refer to the Trails page for closures and cautions.

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Red Maple, White Birch, and Black Cherry Friday

Posted by | November 24, 2017 | Filed under: Observations

I took a walk this morning at 7am, turning left onto the grassy Cart Path, then right onto the boardwalk. Frost on the wooden surface picks up bits of sun and sparkles. The morning air is scrubbed clean by the cold, and being outside in it, making my own body heat, is thrilling and addictive.

It's Black Friday at the Wells Reserve. 

The boards yield to the activity of walking in satisfying little creaks and pops. There are other thrills in store today (hmmm, pardon the pun), in other places not far from here. Doorbuster deals and "one day onlys". Those are just fine, and someday soon I'll get my gift-giving act together and be part of it all. But right now it feels great to opt out. Or, as a popular outdoor retailer has put it, #OptOutside

No matter what you plan to do today, the Wells Reserve can be part of your plan. Need a gift for someone special? There are membership forms down at the information kiosk or available online. Need a break from holiday shopping, or a place to bring visiting family? We have 7 miles of trails and a porch that warms up nicely in the November sun. 

Enjoy waiting in line? Sorry, the only line we have to offer is the line of good, sturdy boards winding through the red maple swamp. 

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