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Salamander Stewards

Posted by | April 16, 2013

Last week, five local families participated in the Preschool Story Hour featuring Sarah Marwil Lamstein's Big Night for Salamanders. The "Big Night" is the first warm and rainy night in the spring when salamanders and frogs migrate to the vernal pool where they were born, to breed and lay their eggs.

Helping salamanders

Lamstein's story follows a young boy and his family as they set out on the Big Night to help spotted salamanders cross a nearby road. They stop cars, encourage drivers to slow down, and carefully pick up salamanders and place them close to the vernal pool where they are headed. The story provides a wonderful stewardship message, and encourages all of us to be mindful of wildlife crossing our roadways.

Preschool Story Hour participants created salamander crowns to wear for the reading. After the story, we crafted spotted salamander figurinClose up salamanderes and used them outdoors to practice our Big Night salamander-saving techniques. Following  the program, several families took a walk to one of the Reserve's vernal pools. Unfortunately, the group found a spotted salamander on the driveway that had been run over by a car. This was a teachable moment for the children, and helped them to see what happens when Big Night stewards don't head out in the rain to help migrating salamanders across roadways. The Wells Reserve is hoping to organize a team of Big Night volunteers for next spring, so stay tuned if you are interested in getting involved!

Big Night for Salamanders is available for check-out through the Reserve's Dorothy Fish Coastal Resource Library. Photos from this month's Preschool Story Hour were provided by Jacqueline Lipsky. Thank you Jackie!

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