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Settling into a New Home

Posted by | March 16, 2021 | Filed under: News

Lisa Pagano, a science teacher in seacoast New Hampshire and member of our Education Advisory Committee, stands with an education panel moved from obsolete ecology center exhibits to a new life at Winnacunnet High School.

As 2020 came to a close, the Coastal Ecology Center’s aging exhibits were dismantled. After eighteen years of engaging pre-K through gray visitors, it was time for this chapter of their life to end. Some of the components were small enough to stash away for repurposing in future education programs, but the larger wall panels needed a new home. 

And, a new home they now have at Winnacunnet High School in NH! Lisa Pagano, who is a Kennebunk resident, former participant in the Reserve’s Teachers on the Estuary workshops, and current Education Advisory Committee member, scooped up seven of the estuary-related panels and coordinated their installation in the hallways of Winnacunnet, where she teaches science. Just this week, Lisa reported that the new “residents” are being well received by teachers and students alike:  

  • "Seeing Rachel (Carson) outside my classroom inspires me every day." —Science Teacher
  • "They look so professional! Like in a museum!"—Student
  • "They've really elevated the science wing."—Teacher
  • "I love seeing the tide clock because I can see how close I am to my daily beach walk."—Social Studies Teacher
  • "The panels are great to remind kids that the beach is not just for a suntan."—Librarian 
  • "These are REALLY heavy."—Custodian :)  

The Reserve is so thrilled to have these exhibit panels repurposed in this way, educating another generation of future scientists from their new home across state lines.

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