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The Wrack

The Wrack is the Wells Reserve blog, our collective logbook on the web.

Six more weeks

Posted by | March 5, 2010

In late January I asked our facebook fans "Will the groundhog see its shadow?"

February second has always been a favorite of mine, but this year my query was dually inquisitive. Yes, I wondered if this wimpy winter would get serious before being over, but I also wanted to know if the new would be on display by then. Or if it would remain under ground for another six weeks.

2/2 — Clear and bright. Website work continues.

Now, well short of March 16, we've stirred from hibernation. Yes, 11 more days would make it more perfect, but we'll ease into the site, work out the kinks, start to really stretch, then poke our nose above ground, reintroducing ourselves to the wonders around us.

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