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Spring 2016 Fish Monitoring

Posted by | March 15, 2016

PROJECT UPDATE:  Our study was a great success thanks to our intrepid field crew.  We were successful in collecting data on our target species in each of the streams that we sampled.  To see our results check out the project report here: Survey of Diadromous Fish Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Southern Maine

Brook Trout in the hand.This spring, our research staff will be heading out to nearby rivers to begin a fish-monitoring project and you can get involved.

We're collaborating with the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) to generate up-to-date population information on species with the greatest conservation need in coastal Maine. DMR staff have identified potential spawning habitat for diadromous species such as alewife, rainbow smelt, and brook trout in the Merriland River, Mousam River, and Little River (Biddeford). Now we’re off too see if these species are indeed using these habitats.

Additionally, we will be doing fish surveys in Goff Mill Brook, the site of last year's dam removal. This will be the first migration season for fish accessing newly restored habitat in the brook.

Fyke net used for monitoring in streams and riversThese monitoring projects will take place from the end of March through May. Monitoring will involve the use of traps, nets, and other methods to capture fish as they migrate upstream.

We'll need help to successfully sample all our targeted sites.This is a great volunteer opportunity if you are interested in becoming familiar with the many species of fish that are native to coastal Maine. Volunteers will gain exposure to fishing and data collection methods used by fisheries biologists. Volunteers will be needed several times each week; however, a commitment to the entire time period is not necessary and volunteers are welcome at any time.

For more information or to get involved, please contact project manager Jacob Aman by phone at 207-646-1555 or email at

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