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Stars of the Yankee Woodlot: Paul Dest

Posted by Wells Reserve Contributor | August 12, 2014

As you walk the loop trails in the Yankee Woodlot, check out our new interpretive signs! On each sign, you'll learn a little more about the Yankee Woodlot timber harvest project. Be sure to also check out these informational videos featuring some of the stars of the Yankee Woodlot project, which can be accessed using the QR codes found on each of the four signs on the trail. You can also view and read the transcripts for the videos below.


Forest of the Future: Paul Dest, Director of the Wells Reserve

"One of our goals at the Wells Reserve is to use our protected land to conserve natural resources, and to convey science-based information to people. The Yankee Woodlot is a great example of this goal. Using the science of forest ecology and management, we designed a timber harvest for the Yankee Woodlot that met multiple objectives. These include the protection of wildlife and water quality, enhanced recreational and learning opportunities, and the creation of a healthier forest with higher quality timber.

"In other parts of the Reserve, we use our land primarily to protect natural resources and to serve as a platform for science and education. The Yankee Woodlot is a little bit different.  This 36-acre parcel is a demonstration forest. It is designed to show people that you can manage land for quality timber and to protect natural resources. The two are not mutually exclusive; you can have both if you incorporate science into land management activities.

"The future of this forest is in our hands today and tomorrow. Over the next 70 years, the Wells Reserve will return to the Yankee Woodlot to harvest more trees periodically to provide valuable timber, for human use, to improve the health of the forest, to provide a place where wildlife will thrive, and a quiet place where people can enjoy the natural world."

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