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Stay Warm and Save Money: Get Your Windows Dressed

Posted by | May 2, 2017 | Filed under: Culture

We're just about out of "heating season" but we already know that our small investment in window inserts has been beneficial. The inserts helped seal up leaky old windows in the Laudholm farmhouse, cutting down on chilly indoor breezes and adding a layer of insulating air to reduce our fuel consumption.

WindowDressers inserts made such a noticeable difference here that we're inspired to help you save money and stay warmer next winter.

Sign up to get your windows measured by WindowDressers volunteers this spring or summer. We'll set up a "Community Build" during the second week of December and your inserts will be ready to deliver and install before the holidays.

To get started, visit the WindowDressers website and sign up. And be sure to mention the Wells Reserve.

WindowDressers volunteers stretch plastic over a wooden frame.WindowDressers volunteer heats plastic to make it taut on the frame.WindowDressers volunteer installs window insert in farmhouse.

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