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Summer Camps 2017

Posted by | March 8, 2017

Mud team

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Camps for Ages 6 to 15

Kids at every age bring unique abilities and perspective to their camp experience, so Wells Reserve programs evolve as kids get older. This summer's camps are tailored to three age groups.

Ages 13 to 15

This five-day camp is being kept small to keep the group of young teens close knit. At this age, campers are able to make more connections from day to day, allowing them to do more thinking on a system-wide level. Kids 13 and up are also eligible to participate in our kayaking program (ability to swim required), so will paddle the estuary, weather permitting.

  1. Earth Stewards: July 10-14

Ages 8 to 12

Campers in this age group immerse themselves in a scientific investigation and often make use of a week-long journal for recording observations. Camp staff can tap into the deeper thinking that happens at this age compared with the younger set. These camps usually culminate with presentations for parents (and reserve staff) on the final day of camp.

  1. River to the Sea: July 17-21
  2. Outdoor Explorers: August 7-11

Ages 6 to 10

Day camps for the elementary set are fast moving, broad based, and usually focused on a narrow subject. These camps balance science information with on-topic games and crafts.

  1. Turtles, Toads, and Snakes--Oh My!: June 26
  2. Feathered Friends: June 27
  3. Insect Safari: June 28
  4. Furry Friends: June 29
  5. Tidepool Tales: June 30
  6. Night Flight: July 3
  7. Artists in Nature: July 5
  8. Wilderness Survivor: July 7
  9. Wildlife Detectives: July 24
  10. Creepy Crawlies: July 26
  11. In a Scientist's Shoes: July 28
  12. Stream Scientists: August 14 — FULL
  13. Mucking in the Mudflats: August 15 — FULL
  14. Tidepool Tales: August 16 — FULL
  15. Fantastic Fish: August 17 — FULL

Ready to register? Complete the registration form and mail it in, or register over the phone by calling Suzanne at (207) 646-1555 x 116.

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