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  • Who Let the Dogs Out? (WARNING: partial nudity)

    | June 7, 2013

    vicious beasts

    "Isn't that the place that doesn't allow dogs?" is the question I get almost invariably when I reveal where I work.

    "That's right," I smile. No Pets, No Bikes* say our signs. Which means, regrettably, no dogs allowed here, even though I can think of few things that make me happier than boyhood memories of autumn walks with my favorite mutt, Buck, at my side.

    Alas, dogs (along with bikes, horses, snowmobiles, ATVs, stereos, lasers, monster trucks, etc.) have been barred from the Wells Reserve at Laudholm's trails since the early 90's.


    Well, the short answer is: to preserve the nature here at the Reserve.

    But here's my longer answer.