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The Wrack

The Wrack is the Wells Reserve blog, our collective logbook on the web.

Posts tagged butterflies

  • Maine's dragonfly and butterfly surveys

    | June 27, 2007
    The Wells Reserve couldn't run without its army of volunteers. They help with every aspect of activity here. One task that I never have problem getting volunteers to help with is going out into the field with insect nets and catching dragonflies and butterflies. In 1999 the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife started a state-wide survey of dragonflies. That survey concluded in 2004. This year …
  • Monarch update

    | August 11, 2006
    One icehouse chrysalis has become translucent and a near-adult monarch is now visible through the case. Thanks, Laura L, for the irresistible photographic update.…
  • Monarchs having a good year

    | August 7, 2006
    The Reserve's milkweed feeds multitudes of monarch larvae. The adult butterflies seem to be especially abundant this summer and signs that they're reproducing are commonplace. The clapboard siding of the icehouse has proven popular with monarch caterpillars. Here, a newly formed chrysalis conceal…
  • Winged Wednesday VII

    | May 31, 2006
    As the month of May closes, so does most of the major passage of migrating birds. The movement is not over; it just isn't so obvious.Summer approaches and with it come myriad winged creatures without feathers, so in coming weekly reports some insects might find themselves the objects of attention.Today's butterflies (to get things started entomologically) included sulfurs, ladies, …