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  • One Door Closes, and Another Opens!

    | August 10, 2020 | Filed under: Culture

    The pandemic pushes a tour program to adjust, and it's a good thing. 

  • An Exalted, "Spalted" Space for Reserve Volunteers

    | July 8, 2019 | Filed under: Culture

    A room of their own—updated.

  • Potholes Begone!

    | September 21, 2018 | Filed under: Observations

    A partial paving prevents pitfalls.

  • NCCC*AmeriCorps at Work this Spring

    Wells Reserve Contributor | May 13, 2015 | Filed under: Culture

    The young people are dressed in distinctive khaki pants and NCCC-labeled tee shirts are members of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. I recently sat with four of them at one of their newly constructed picnic tables.

  • Rites of Spring: Return of the Welcome Booth

    | April 18, 2014

    Late last fall, the Welcome Booth went into hibernation, tucked away until the danger of snowplows was safely past. This morning, just a few days shy of Earth Day, the booth checked the forecast and made its commitment to Spring. Somehow our Facility Manager sensed the booth's confidence, so John, Frank, and Jim made their move. We're pleased to share this photodocumentary of the journey…

  • Farmhouse Facelift

    John Speight
    | November 25, 2013

    Worn down after many years, the farmhouse north face gets new siding and a fresh set of steps.

  • From the Air

    | October 28, 2013

    Anna and I before she chickened outLast week I had the chance to rise 750 feet above the Wells Reserve at Laudholm in a 1933-vintage open-cockpit bi-plane piloted by Dave Trucksess of Seacoast Biplane Tours. Less than 5 minutes after our take-off from Sanford Airport, we were over the Webhannet River estuary and for the next 20 minutes I got an eyeful of glistening salt marsh, just-past-peak mixed-forest foliage, and Laudholm's many yellow farm buildings.

    Ensconced in the front seat, windproof vest zipped up, aviator hat pulled down, a headset muffling the engine noise and carrying light commentary from my pilot, I gripped tight the camera and started to shoot.

  • Energy Initiative: C-Change Part Two

    | October 28, 2013

    In my last post, I focused on the conversion part of our C-Change. Here I focus on our equally important conservation efforts.

    Since we launched our ambitious energy initiative in early 2012, our yearly use of propane and heating oil has dropped 20 percent, from an average of 11,500 gallons before we started to 9,000 gallons today. At the same time, we have reduced electrical energy use from an annual average of 105,000 kilowatt-hours to 85,000 kilowatt-hours, a 22 percent reduction.

    How did we achieve such dramatic cuts?

  • Great Barn Acoustics: It's In the Wood Slats

    | August 8, 2013 | Filed under: Culture

    Enthusiastic volunteer and proud mom Eileen Willard had her boy help us understand why music in the Laudholm barn sounds So Darn Good…

  • Turning Down the Heat

    | January 3, 2013

    Water tower in winterThe Wells Reserve at Laudholm is special. Not a day passes that we don’t think of this unique place as a gift to those of us who work here, to the wildlife that abounds here, to the coast of Maine and to the international community of estuaries, and of course to our members and to the public.

    Because so much of our operating support comes from our members and donors, we believe it is in the best service to you and your gifts that we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.