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  • On Death and Defiance

    | October 4, 2014

    Which side are you on?Figure 1: A chart of the scientific consensus on climate change (97% of scientists agree that humans are driving global warming), and how much attention the minority opinion seems to receive in the media. Or is it a graph of the amount of America's wealth controlled by the top 3% (54.5%), vs. the bottom 97%?


    The following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 10/5/2014.

    Two weeks ago, my family and I were perched on the steps of the grand fountain in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, watching 300,000 people march past. They sang, they shouted, and they carried thousands of messages, all communicating one thing: world leaders, it’s time to do something about climate change. A week of action followed. Further protests spread around the world, corporations declared carbon reduction goals, and even presidents and prime ministers frankly spoke of “addressing the need to revise a framework for negotiation.”

    That’s some progress, anyway.

  • The Sandy Dialogues: Fostering Resilience through Stories

    Tin Smith
    | May 27, 2014

    Storm-damaged house in Saco, Maine, April 2007

    About the Project

    The Sandy Dialogues facilitated an exchange of expertise and experience between New Jersey and Maine that culminated in two Maine-based coastal hazard preparedness training workshops. Through this project, the Wells Reserve and its partners learned from New Jersey's Jacques Cousteau Reserve and its stakeholders about the use of decision-support systems, combined with the experience of responding to and recovering from a major storm event.

    The Sandy Dialogues stemmed from the earlier Climate Games project in Wells and a sea-level-rise vulnerability assessment done for the New Jersey coast.

    Project Period

    March to November 2014

  • Managing Risk, or Prolonging Addiction?

    | March 25, 2014

    (c) Isaac Cordal

    The following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 3/30/2014.

    Even though I work for the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, a coastal research and education center, I’d never thought too deeply about flood insurance – that is, until a crack addict knocked on the door of my home one Saturday night this winter.