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  • Q&A: Why was I not accepted for the crafts festival?

    | March 25, 2010

    Over more than two decades, the Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival has distinguished itself as selective and diverse, making it a premier event on the festival circuit for both vendors and buyers. Each year, we receive many more applications than we can accept. We recognize the disappointment felt by those not selected, so we offer this article to help you increase the likelihood of being selected in another year.

  • Quilt day

    | January 19, 2007
    Yesterday was Quilt Day, an annual event bringing together a congenial group of cutters and stitchers to prepare pieces for the quilt that will be raffled at September's "crafts festival. It's customary for those who have a hand in the work to sign a piece of fabric that is later attached to the finished quilt. Thirty-three people contributed during the 5-hour session in Mather Auditorium. Lynn Jourdan coor…